Divyakawach 03 – The Celestial Knights (Regular Cover)
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Divyakawach 03 – The Celestial Knights (Regular Cover)

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The Quest for the Celestial Weapon has compelled Agraj, the Garuda Prince, Timir, a Naga, and Dudhumbi, a Mighty Asura Warrior, to form an unlikely alliance and infiltrate a school in the disguise of teachers. Meanwhile, two school kids, Rinki and Sameer, have become unwittingly entangled in these events, with no memory of the past few days. A sinister force is determined to capture the two fragments of the Celestial Weapon.

What follows is a thrilling roller coaster of drama, action, and mind-bending revelations. The Age of Mankind teeters on the brink of extinction as a new Celestial Age dawns upon this universe. This epic finale to the DIVYAKAWACH Trilogy promises to leave you in awe!

To uncover the full story, delve into the first two issues, “The Celestial Quest” and “The Celestial Mace,” of this extraordinary new series, DIVYAKAWACH.

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Himanshu Singhal

Story & Script

Anirudh Singh


Puneet Shukla


Anirban Maji, Naval Thanawala & Jyoti Singh

Letter and Graphics

Vibhav Pandey

Cover Art

Rakesh Maurya

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