Divyakawach 02 – The Celestial Mace (Regular Cover)
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Divyakawach 02 – The Celestial Mace (Regular Cover)

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The Quest for the Celestial Weapon Brings Dhaval the Garunda Prince, Timir a Naga and Dudhumbi a Mighty Asura Warrior face to face. What ensues is a battle of the fittest to gain control of the weapon. Yet they are not the only ones who have their eyes on the weapon. In shadows lurks a formidable foe who also wants the weapon. But Fate has other plans; when two young kids Rinki and Sameer inadvertently get entangled in between this power struggle, the dynamics of the game change completely. Who will succeed in gaining control of the Weapon ? Will the Age of Mankind finally end and a new Celestial Age dawn upon the universe or will humanity take its destiny in its own hands, taking control away from the immortals ?

To know more, read this action packed Second issue of the phenomenal new series Divyakawach.

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Himanshu Singhal


Anirudh Singh


Puneet Shukla


Naval Thanawala

Letter and Graphic Design

Vibhav Pandey


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