Divyakawach Trilogy – Variant Edition Combo Pack
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Divyakawach Trilogy – Variant Edition Combo Pack

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The Quest for the Celestial Weapon brings Agraj, the Garuda Prince, Timir, a Naga, and Dudhumbi, a Mighty Asura Warrior, to Earth where they form an unlikely alliance and infiltrate a school. Two school kids Rinki and Sameer, get unwittingly entangled in these events. A sinister force is determined to get hold of the Celestial Weapon before everyone else.

What follows is a thrilling roller coaster of drama, action, and mind-bending revelations. The Age of Mankind teeters on the brink of extinction as a new Celestial Age dawns upon this universe.

This epic DIVYAKAWACH Trilogy promises to leave you in awe!

Additional information

Story & Script

Himanshu Singhal, Vijayendra Mohanty & Anirudh Singh


Vivek Goel & Puneet Shukla


Anirban Maji, Naval Thanawala & Jyoti Singh

Letter and Graphics

Ravi Raj Ahuja & Vibhav Pandey

Page Count

160 Pages in Total


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